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Behavior Expectation and Wayfinding Symbols Deck

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This deck of symbols is designed to be used to encourage and support appropriate behavior in an indoor space. Facilitators may use the whole deck or individual cards to cue desired behaviors. Cards may also be posted as reminders of expectations while individuals move independently around a space. The symbols are designed to guide individuals and groups of all learning styles in following directions. Accompanying text on the back of each card is provided for the facilitator and presents each cue using positive language.


The visual nature of the deck can be particularly useful for individuals for whom non-verbal cues can aid in communication, such as those for whom English is not a first language, or individuals experiencing autism or other developmental disabilities.


Includes 42 total cards: 16 Behavior Expectations, 8 Wayfinding Symbols, 5 Sensory Sensitivity Cues, 8 Communicating Feelings, 5 Instruction and Divider Cards. Each symbol card has words on the back that explain the symbol.

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