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  • KIKO.893 is an exploring robot that has spent life traveling the galaxies and exploring uninhabitable regions. A life full of adventures and exploration was fun, but it was lonely work.
  • KIKO.893 set its infrared sensor to search for life in the universe, and in doing so, discovered Earth. Now that KIKO.893 has finally found life, it loyally follows any object that approaches it, and won’t stop until switched back into explore mode.
  • KIKO.893 has two pre-programmed modes (follow and explore) and scans its surroundings by using AI (artificial intelligence), I/R (infrared sensor), and six legs which allow it to turn 360 degrees and seamlessly complete obstacles.
  • For ages 8 and up. Batteries: 4 - AAA
  • As the saying goes, "Our children are the future." We are passionate about providing fun, high-quality toys and projects that spark the imagination, foster lifelong learning, growth & success.

10.2 x 5.2 x 23.5 inches

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