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T-Shirt: Youth Heather Grey Musk Ox

T-Shirt: Youth Heather Grey Musk Ox

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The overall success of muskox comes from its recovery as a species in Alaska. Muskox were wiped out in Alaska (and in Asia) in the 19th century, leaving only remnant populations in Arctic Canada and Eastern Greenland. In 1930, a conservation effort led to the capture of 34 Greenland muskox, which were transported to Fairbanks. In 1935 and ‘36, 31 of the muskox were transported to Nunivak Island, west of Bethel in the Bering Sea. Those animals thrived and created a source population of animals that have been successfully transplanted around Alaska.


American Apparel jersey short sleeve t-shirt with wrap around musk ox on side, and Anchorage Museum logo on back.

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