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100 Alaska Yo-yo Stratagems

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The Eskimo Yo-Yo is the most simple, yet most complex, cultural artifact/toy in the world. Chris Kiana, the best Eskimo Yo-Yo operator in the world, and first person to see the potential of the Eskimo Yo-Yo, is the inventor of these 100 tricks. At first glance, you may think the cultural artifact looks simple to operate, but once you get into learning how, you may think differently. Learning to correctly operate the Eskimo Yo-Yo will give you a high degree of confidence in yourself as you master the ability of the wide variety of tricks, feats, or stratagems necessary to accomplish the multitude operations of the Alaska Eskimo Yo-Yo. If you master all 100 tricks, Chris will send you beautiful Alaska Eskimo Yo-Yo Master Certificate, suitable for framing, confirming that you have mastered all 100 tricks.

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