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Buffalo Soldier by Ollen Hunt

Buffalo Soldier by Ollen Hunt

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Early black infantry regiments were nicknamed Buffalo Soldiers by Native Americans, symbolizing the respect they had for the African-American soldier s bravery and valor. For more than 150 years these descendants of kings and queens, chiefs, leaders, and people of Africa have distinguished themselves with desire, dedication, and discipline. Ollen Hunt, one of the last Buffalo Soldiers, writes in this book about what America has done for him, and what he has done for America. His story is one of desire, dedication, and discipline; of bravery and valor. Throughout his life Ollen has distinguished himself: in the Civilian Conservation Corp, US Army, business, husband and father, and community leader. He has been a true soldier in every aspect of his life. He s shown that regardless of humble beginnings, prejudice, war, and other handicaps and hardships of life, a man can succeed if he adopts the attitude of the early Buffalo Soldier's slogan: deeds, not words! Buffalo Soldie is an uplifting biography and an example of hope for young and old alike.

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