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Easy Money by Martha Markey

Easy Money by Martha Markey

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Easy Money, by Alaska’s first woman mailman tells how it was to deliver mail in the hilly country side, several years before the word mail-carrier was invented. The mailmen took the attitude that the job must be easy, if a woman could do it and nicked named her Easy Money.
She delivered mail in temperatures from 84 degrees below zero to the sweltering summer heat of 96 degrees above Learn what it was like to almost go over a cliff. The solution to having three flats on one nice summer day. A mechanical problem seven miles from a phone in gold mine country. The surprise she had when a woman held her at gunpoint. Sliding down hills and driving up slippery hill after four failures, around holes, through mud, and through two feet of water.
She tells stories about successful and unsuccessful homesteaders along the route, and having the freedom to take her three and six year old girls on the route. The best part of the job was receiving help from her patrons without really asking for it.

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