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Inflatable Globe - 20"

Inflatable Globe - 20"

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Explore the geography of our planet with a giant, inflatable beach ball!
Printed all around this massive inflatable ball are all the continents, oceans, countries, capitals, and more all labeled vividly for your curious mind to discover.
Spin it, toss it, and bounce it around as you explore each of the seven continents, locate the oceans and discover how they connect to each other, or even follow along with the daily news and find the countries they're talking about.
It even comes with a couple of fun games you can play with friends for learning about geography in a FUN way together!
Forget that dusty old globe in your grandpa's study - Experience just how exciting geography can be with the 20-inch Inflatable Globe.

6.5 x 1 x 7.5 inches

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