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Crocker Snow

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An award winning journalist, Crocker Snow has traveled the world as a foreign correspondent and editor. He will join us at the Whaling Museum to discuss and present photography related to his latest book “Nantaska”, The Minnow and The Whale. 

About the book: The tiny northeastern seacoast island of Nantucket and the giant “Upper 49th” state of Alaska are incongruous bedfellows. They don’t share the same boarding house geographically, culturally or economically. Yet, as journalist and outdoor writer Crocker Snow Jr. and Inupiak photographer Brian Adams reveal, the two lands share some startling similarities. Cherished symbols for many Americans of pristine seascapes, landscapes and rugged individualism, the self images and conceits for those who live there are similar. The push-pull between impulses for conservation and drives for development within the tightening vise of climate change make them bicoastal mirror images of each other

Mr. Snow inherited 3/4 of Muskeget Island from his father, who purchased the island with two other investors after World War II. He has five sons, and currently coaches the Harvard Polo team.

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