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ReRe Earrings - Wooden Hoops - Navy Bead

ReRe Earrings - Wooden Hoops - Navy Bead

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ReRe earrings: xlarge hoops with various shades of wood embellished with various seed beads by Chicago, IL artist Leah Sturgis. 

Inspiration for Chicago born artist Leah Sturgis comes from the place where landscape and architecture intersect.

Her unique, handmade jewelry captures the mystery of wild elements ~ caribou antler, porcupine quill, wood, fresh water pearl ~ in structured, clean designs, creating pieces that are both elegant and organic. 

Many of Leah's materials come from Alaska, where she lived for 12 years before moving East. Born and raised in Chicago, Leah developed a strong artistic sense and began creative exploration at an early age. Her parents said that, "If you give Leah enough paper and tape she will build a house."

Leah's studio is located in Alexandria, Virginia, where she lives. Her work can be found in galleries across the country, from the tiny outpost of Chicken, Alaska to New York City.


Please note that these are original works of art and the finished product may not look like the picture.  Please contact the Museum Store by phone for updated pictures.

Please note that if you are purchasing an original piece of Alaska Native Art or jewelry, we recommend shipping through UPS.

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