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George Harbeson Jr

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These Alaska short stories weave in and out of the shifting shadows and interlacing light cast by colliding cultures, by loss and loneliness, by redemption and hope, by dreams and nostalgic reminiscences - people coming of age, drifting apart, joining together-all rooted in the Alaskan natural landscape. Village school teachers struggle to make sense of Inupiat and Yup'ik student lives in turmoil. An Inupiaq elder relives his memories while hunting, connecting, with sandhill cranes.Three young friends, poised on the brink of change, embark on pastoral small town adventures. A young boy searchers for a way to face his grandmother's cancer. An Inupiat community strengthens its traditional culture through a boy's misfortune and basketball. A local bar encounter unravels under the shadow of the Vietnam War. And More.

Shadowed Times was a finalist in Brighthorse Books' Prize for Short Fiction, 2017.

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