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Fred Machetanz was a larger-than-life figure, not just in the world of Alaskan art, but in the minds and hearts of Alaskans and others who shared his desire to preserve an image of the state as a romantic outpost of adventure, beauty, and wonder.

Ohio-born and academically trained, Machetanz led a life of adventure and accomplishment. His work is avidly sought by collectors not just in Alaska but throughout the United States abroad. Collectors are drawn to the works of Fred Machetanz for their sheer beauty, the result of outstanding draftsmanship coupled with unusually luminous color that at its best, approximates better than the work of any other artist the chill, often eerie light of the North. Using an ancient technique of multiple glazes, Machetanz created an effect that he himself described as 'like looking through color instead of at it.'

In A Northern Adventure, Kesler Woodward brings us the fascinating life story of Fred Machetanz and the definitive record of his life's wok. Sensitive to the profound ways in which art can influence the way we perceive our world, Woodward gives us both an insightful and informed commentary and a celebration of a master artist's legacy.

From the time he first saw it in 1935, Machetanz loved Alaska as a place of promise, pristine beauty and adventure. This is a story of a remarkable man whose creative passion helped shape the way that we, even today, view the Alaska that captured his own heart.

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