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With bright color photographs and completely up-to-date information, this authoritative guidebook introduces adventurers and harvesters to more than 80 of Alaska's most common wild edible plants.

Alaska’s Wild Plants is the perfect guide to tuck in your backpack as you explore Alaska’s lands. Now reorganized to be more user friendly with a new introduction to foraging, this informative book will help you discover the bounty of the land and its plants around you.

  • Understand basic principles to foraging and easy plant preparations.
  • Learn about each plant's nutritional content, and medicinal and culinary uses.
  • Discover the habitats where the plant can be found and how to harvest it correctly.
  • Identify the plant’s physical characteristics with an accompanying color photograph.
  • Find more expert sources to continue your plant education.

    For explorers, foragers, harvesters, or just the casually interested, this book will help readers recognize Alaska’s most common edible plants, including chickweed, high bush cranberry, crowberry, sweet gale, and more.

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