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Anchorage Museum

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The North has a musical sound all its own, and it sounds better on vinyl. ARC is a curated collection of works by nine contemporary musicians with connections to the Circumpolar North. Featured artists include Mari Boine (Norway), Cris Derksen (Canada), Olga Bell (Russia, US/Alaska), Foresteppe (Russia), múm (Iceland), Harm (US/Alaska), amiina (Iceland), Indian Agent (US/Alaska) and Tsembla (Finland). Each track offers a distinct musical perspective on place, connecting points across the North through rhythm and sound. “Similar to the feeling of vastness evoked from Northern landscape painting, all of the works on this album are expansive,” says S. Hollis Mickey, director of learning and engagement for the Anchorage Museum. “Themes include indigenous identity, winter, returning and leaving, and sense of place.”

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