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Cardboard Cribbage

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After a makeshift cribbage match in the Talkeetna Mountains, played on a sheet of paper with small bits of trash, it was apparent that a better travel cribbage solution was in order. For the ultralight backpacking enthusiast, nothing on the cribbage market had ever felt perfect. There was simply not enough room for cribbage, and it often got left behind on the coffee table.

But what if you could just toss a pack of cards in your backpack and have the whole game with you? And so late at night, between adventures and business hours, atop a tile warehouse in Alaska, the first card box that's also a cribbage board was born.

Each box and deck of cards is designed by local Alaskan artist, Jessedeeks. Creating Cardboard Cribbage has been an adventure all on its own—hopefully it finds a home in your favorite travel bag. Enjoy!

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