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Eternals giclée metal print by Rico Worl reflects both community and land – how we return and recycle our traditions and our resources.

Salmon returning to spawning grounds to lay eggs is the cycle of life for salmon and represents the renewal and cycles of life for indigenous peoples, returning to our traditions and our land and renewing our bonds and commitment to family and clans.

10” x 10” metal art with a hanging slot in the back on a base. 

These are produced in Alaska using a fine art metal printer that prints razor sharp, glossy dye sublimation images on aluminum. 

Metal prints are essentially maintenance-free. When transporting, be careful to not bang the edges or corners as they can bend or chip. To remove fingerprints or dust clean with an ammonia-free window cleaner using a soft cloth.

As with prints on paper and canvas, please avoid leaving metal prints in direct sunlight. With proper care, it should last many years.

Designed and made in Alaska.

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