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Anchorage Museum

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As we navigate the early decades of a new epoch defined by the measurable human imprint on the earth, the question of how we will reconcile our behavior with the evidence of its catastrophic effect is yet to be answered. With her works on sustainability, US artist Mary Mattingly (b. 1979) examines how we can connect and reconnect to Earth.

Life on Earth depends upon clean air and water, biodiversity, and a stable climate. These global commons–the ecosystems and processes that regulate the stability of the Earth system–are the foundation of human life, economy and society. As a visual artist, Mary Mattingly is a messenger for ways how we can value these commons which makes her work highly topical and important. The comprehensive publication features an extensive overview of her instalments and performances, including the Swale, an edible landscape on a barge in New York City.

Contributions by N. Bell, S. Cox, J. Decker

288 pages, 244 color illustrations
10 × 13 in, hardcover

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