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"It is with great pleasure that Northern Norway Art Museum presents the exhibition and book Sami Stories: Art and Identity of an Arctic People in the USA. The Museum is a national institution with particular responsibility for the visual arts in the Northern regions of Norway and Sami art is one of our main fields of interest. Making art from our part of the world known to a wider, international audience is therefore an important museum role.

Sam Stories is a landmark exhibition examining the history, identity, politics, and visual culture of the Sami, the indigenous people of Norway, Sweden, and Finland. It focuses on how artists, mainly contemporary, depict important themes within Sami history and politics and features works by Sami artists John Savio, Iver Jaks, Aslaug Juliussen and Arnold Johansen from Norway, Britta Marakatt-Labba and Rose-Marie Huuva from Sweden, Marja Helander from Finland and Arvid Sveen wio is a Norwegian artist with a particular interest in Sami themes."

- From the Forward by Knut Ljogodt, Director of the Northern Norway Art Museum

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