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An updated 2017 edition of Trails Across Time: History of an Alaska Mountain Corridor features riveting new stories and photos about Alaska's first and only National Heritage Area. Originally published in 2005, Trails Across Time explores the historic trails, tracks, and waterways of one of Alaska's most scenic places. From the geologic forces that shaped the landscape to Native trails, a gold rush, and the eventual building of a railroad and highways, the area reflects the broader history of Alaska. The valleys and mountains, communities and people of this unique place tell the larger story of a wild place and a rugged frontier.
Published by Ember Press, the book is a publication of the Kenai Mountains-Turnagain Arm (KMTA) National Heritage Area. The KMTA National Heritage Area is one of forty-nine Heritage Areas across the nation. Established in 2009 through an act of Congress, the KMTA National Heritage Area mission is to recognize, preserve, and interpret the historic resources and cultural landscapes of the Kenai Mountains Turnagain Arm transportation corridor.
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