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These earrings were specially hand painted and designed by Crystal Worl.  Crystal created earrings using a technique she learned when making the information plaque for the Elizabeth Peratrovich Mural in Juneau, Alaska.  First she paints the back side of a clear acrylic sheet.  This sheet is then laser engraved and cut from the other side.  The final appearance of these earrings show a nice deep clear gloss depth from the front viewing side.  Sort of like looking at the natural patterns through ice on freshly frozen wetlands. 

Since these earrings are laser cut from a hand painted acrylic sheet, each pair will vary in color and pattern.  Each pair will have its own uniqueness.  

Comes in large size or small size.  Made with sterling silver ear wires and comes with rubber nuts to prevent them from falling off.  Laser cut acrylic and handmade in the Trickster warehouse. Each pair comes in a nice Trickster earring gift box that is matte black and fiber filled.  The earrings are held in place inside the box with a black product card.  

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